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  • History

    “Our wines come from tough soils, from men who have the talent of listening to nature and an heart filled with long experience and great passion. With this commitment we want to be good ambassadors of the territory and of the production of Italian wine.” Paladin Wineries are located between Veneto and Friuli, where the […]

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  • La Famiglia Paladin

    Paladin Family

    Grape growing and wine making are labors extremely rich in tradition and culture, embracing past and future. Wine is for Carlo, Lucia and Roberto the result of authentic passion, and through experience and research they are able to enhance both tradition and innovation. Dedication and commitment in wine making create strong relationships with family, men […]

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  • Villa Paladin

    Paladin Villa and the Wine Cellars

    Wine is culture and it is the material, tangible and enjoyable expression of technical, historical, agricultural and architectural knowledge. The concept of Good characterizing wine is bound to the idea of Beauty, that is to the beautiful places where grapes are grown (vineyards, landscape) and to those where wine is created (the cellars): they are […]

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  • Vigneti Paladin


    Paladin Family boasts a 50-years old history in the Venetian viticulture. Thanks to this experience, they started the production of Chianti Classico under the Vèscine label and the direction of a charming 4-stars relais Borgo di Vèscine. Passion, research, dedication and respect for traditions: these are the main values pursued by Paladin Family since the company’s […]

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  • Vinoteca Paladin

    Wine Shop

    At Paladin Wineries you will find a wonderful and cosy wine shop, where you can taste and buy: The prestigious Castello Bonomi Franciacorta wines The young and fruity Paladin wines The prestigious Bosco del Merlo cru wines The charming Tuscan Vèscine wines It is possible to choose among elegant gift boxes, which will surely be […]

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