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Primo Rosso

In vineyard

Red berry grapes harvested early to maintain good acidity and freshness.

In cellar

A cuvée of various grapes which foams at low temperatures. A fresh, sweet and fruity product.

In tasting

Sparkling wine with bright red colour, cherry shades, fine pelage with a delicious pink foam. In the nose there are floral and fruity hints with notes of small red fruits and wild roses. In the mouth it’s fresh, sensual with a pleasant amiability.


    Fresh wine, remembers the wines of tradition. Innovative packaging with red lacquered bottle.


It accompanies dried cakes and fruit tarts; excellent with strawberries, but also with ham and melon and salted croutons. Pleasant conversation wine, for summer, garden or boat, is the ideal companion.

Technical information

  • Sulphites: 180 mg / L (-23 % legal limit)
  • Sugar: 80 gr / l
  • Acidity: 6,1
  • PH: 3,28
  • Bottles produced annually: 10 000
  • Alcoholic content: 10,5% by Volume
  • Serving temperature: 8 °C
  • Bottle size: 750 ml


  • 2004

    Filo’ Rosso
    Silver Medal at the Dallas Morning News Wine Competition

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