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Raboso Fiore Special Selection

In vineyard

Produced with the best Raboso grapes, one of the oldest varieties of Veneto, it represents the tradition of this region, rich of history, flavours and scents. The grapes are harvested in the late autumn. This special selection is distinguished by the exaltation of the fruit with a superior structure and a unique freshness.

In cellar

Short maceration on the skins, to enhance only the most qualitative part, the wine remains pleasantly lovely, fresh and rich in perfumes, with fruity notes and special softness.

In tasting

Superior structure, great fruit, excellent aromaticity, intense colour, ruby red with violet reflections, fine perlage and enveloping foam. Persistent and fragrant scent, reminiscent of field violets and cherries. A lively wine, with long and fruity persistence, savory and dry, with an inviting foam that makes every sip irresistible. Delicate astringency.


    An innovative interpretation of this historic grape variety. The red bubble you don’t expect. Superior structure and unique freshness.


Inseparable companion for lunch and dinner, with pizza or snacks. Perfect with grilled and roasted meat and fish dishes. Raboso fiore is always served fresh and on large glasses.

Technical information

  • Sulphites: 140 mg / L (-40 % legal limit)
  • Sugar: 20 gr / l
  • Acidity: 6,8
  • PH: 3,4
  • Bottles produced annually: 25 000
  • Alcoholic content: 11% by Volume
  • Serving temperature: COLD 8-10°
  • Bottle size: 750 ml / 1.500 ml


  • 2014

    Raboso Fiore
    Commended at IWC, London

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