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Moscato Vino Spumante

In vineyard

White berry vine, which takes its name from the latin muscum, musk, its typical aroma. The grapes are very fragrant and, to preserve the aroma, the harvest is carried out at night, during the freshest hours and in the absence of oxygen.

In cellar

The fermentation is, starting from the must, at a temperature of 13°C, closing the vents at the right moment to obtain the perfect strength, foam and sugar residue.

In tasting

Moscato Paladin: stands out for the bright straw yellow with pleasant green flashes. The nose is extremely expressive and refined, aromatic, from the unmistakable, joyful citrus notes. In the mouth there is an embracing, harmonious sweetness, pleasantly supported by a great liveliness.


    Intriguing wine for its amiability. Explosion of fruit at bouquet. Its moderate strength allows for use in various forms.


It’s a sparkling wine that blends beautifully with delicate cakes, with creams and excellent even with fruit dishes. It is a classic appreciated with wedding cakes and close with a touch of class every important event.

Technical information

  • Bottles produced annually: 12 000

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