Cherry velvet taste, Frozen pleasure

Agricanto is a seductive melody. It rouses the senses thanks to its deep ruby red colour and its full harmonious taste, sweet and slightly acidic, and its fulfilling alcohol content (25% vol.). Finally, it conquers the senses with its final aftertaste, rich with notes of spices and sour cherry. Taste it frozen as after dinner or pour it on gelato or other desserts.

A perfect balance between elegance and intensity.

Its perfect balance comes from an outstanding fusion of the intensity and freshness of Raboso wine, the delicate scent of ripe cherry juice, the elegance of a fine grappa, the scents of almonds’ extract, fine spices and rare officinal herbs.
Agricanto is the fusion of these elements, whose secret was preserved in an ancient Paladin Family recipe.




Agricanto is perfect as ending of dinner party, try it alone or with delicacies such as refined blue cheese or dry fruits.



Agricanto matches perfectly with desserts, either to accompany them or as an ingredient in exclusive recipes. It’s unbeatable with a bar of chocolate, or with desserts such as melting chocolate heart cake, Sachertorte, Black Forest, or atop gelato.



King matched with chocolate and a prince during special moments. It’s perfect for enabling transcendent solitude during meditation.


Thanks to its harmonious nature, barmen recommends it as an ideal base for original cocktails. Above all we recommend Rabì, the cocktail made with Agricanto, Raboso wine and Lime juice. A fresh idea for special nights.



• ¾ oz Agricanto
• 1-¾ oz Raboso Fiore
• ½ oz Lime juice
• Ice

Spicy & Sour

• ¾ oz Agricanto
• ½ oz liquid sugar
• 1 oz sour
• 1 oz Vodka

Bourbon Pink Pleasure

• ¾ oz Agricanto
• ¼ oz Grapefruit juice
• 1-½ oz Bourbon

Singapore Precious

• ¾ oz Agricanto
• ¼ oz Cointreau
• ¼ oz Benedictine
• ¾ oz Lime juice
• ½ oz Grenadine syrup
• 1 oz Gin
• 3 Angostura drops
• 2-¾ oz Ananas juice