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“We found our future on the strong roots of our
family, our land and our culture”.


(Valentino Paladin, founder of Paladin Vigne & Vini)



A family tradition


Paladin Vigne e Vini is the first winery of the whole Casa Paladin group, it’s a family owned estate founded by our father in 1962, in Motta di Livenza, near Treviso. It’s located at the boundaries of the Venetian land where we moved in the mid-70s, in Annone Veneto, a historic village located in the Roman Postumia road.

The passion and love for vine and wine comes from our father, Valentino, who used to follow his grandfather, since he was a child, in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Passion, research, dedication and respect for traditions are the main values that have been guiding his philosophy since he created his own cellar. He was strongly determined to enhance the territorial typicalness of our Lison-Pramaggiore area, by producing excellent wines.

Such values have naturally been transmitted to us, staying by his side and creating with him this fantastic reality that is now passionately involving also our children.

Our wines are the product of lands rich in natural elements, history, traditions and ancient cultures.
It’s the area that extends between Veneto and Friuli regions, along the Postumia road, built by the Roman Consul Postumio Albino in the II century A.D. in order to join by land the two major Roman ports of north Italy, Genua and Aquileia; in this land different cultures have been succeeding and consolidating in things and people.

The Latin writer and philosopher Plinio Il Vecchio describes this area as an immense large vineyard, from whose ports the Roman ships sailed with their cargo full of wine amphorae heading towards Rome.
In the V century A.D. the people who lived here, in order to escape from the Barbarian invasions of the Huns, founded Venice.

Our vineyards are located in this important place, whose clay-limestone soil, the result of the last glaciation, is particularly suitable to the growing of international vines, because its minerals give the grapes a marked trait of typicalness.


(O. Wilde)

This quotation, written by the famous English writer, immediately appeared to us as the best description of our way of operating. Tradition and innovation are not in contrast. Our innovations respect the tradition of the terroir and the family values, becoming in this way “successful traditions”.
Our wines come from tenacious land, thanks to men who have in their heart the ability of listening to nature, from the great experience, constant passion and respectful application of the resources offered by the research and the new scientific discoveries.

In this way we can guarantee, in all our wines, a high and constant level of quality and the maximum respect for the consumer health, as well as a strong value of conviviality.



Villa Paladin opens its doors to visitors, wine lovers and travellers from all over the world with its original tastings, from the classic to the sensorial tastings, gourmet days with local producers, events with artists, cultural and oenological meetings. For example, the “Università del Vino” classes, a project to share the flavours and values of wine culture.

The Villa is also available as a stylish location for dinners, events and company presentations. It’s a place immersed in nature and traditions, which makes astonishing and unique your special day.
An elegant hall is available, fit for dinners or meetings, and provided by a well-equipped professional kitchen and facilities for showing videos or slides.
All this is enriched by the warm and cosy atmosphere of our winery.


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