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New International awards for Paladin wines

The new season of guides 2018 opens with great satisfaction for Paladin wines: the first awards have been announced, and they are even more exciting for being conquered in international contexts of absolute prestige.
The main characters of this promising season are: Syrah, Malbec gli Aceri and Sassi Piccoli Paladin.

For Syrah 2015 the awards are even double: it has been awarded with the Gold Medal both in Mundus Vini oenological contest and in France by the jury of the authoritative International Guide Gilbert & Gaillard, with a motivation that exalts the pleasant of our Syrah:
“Deep garnet. Nose of jammy berries with balsamic spice presence. Streamlined, clearly-delineated fruitiness on the palate which alternates exuberance and softness. Elegance and aromatic generosity prevail with a very refreshing sensation on the finish. Delicious”.

The French guide also awarded Malbec gli Aceri 2014 with a score of 90/100 and the prestigious medal 90 +, the highest recognition to which it could aspire, a further confirmation of the over 40 years of success of this wine, awarded since 1975:
“Young black hue. Refined nose accented by jammy berries, liquorice and peony. Substance does not lack richness on the palate coupled with delicious, articulate fruit expression. Natural sensation of freshness combined with chewy character”.


Sassi Piccoli has been awarded with the Gold Medal in one of the world’s most important oenological contests, Mundus Vini, a real tasting marathon that took place last week in Neudstad, Germany, with 4.300 wines from all the world in front of a parterre of 150 judges, arrived in the palatinate from 38 countries.

For the historic family estate of Casa Paladin, these are important achievements, which reward a love for nature and sustainable viticulture as a style and method of work: a modus operandi that aspires to continuous improvement of quality and pursuit of excellence without compromises.

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