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Paladin Villa and the Wine Cellars

Villa Paladin

Wine is culture and it is the material, tangible and enjoyable expression of technical, historical, agricultural and architectural knowledge. The concept of Good characterizing wine is bound to the idea of Beauty, that is to the beautiful places where grapes are grown (vineyards, landscape) and to those where wine is created (the cellars): they are an important form of communication as well as a prestigious visiting card for a company.

2001 marks an important date: the official opening of the beautiful villa hosting the company headquarters. Built according to the typical rules of Venetian architecture of the first years of 19th century and using the most modern structural and air-conditioning techniques, it is surrounded by bright green vineyards.
Further to the head, trade and administrative offices, the villa hosts also some wide and elegant rooms for customers and visitors:

  • the underground barrique cellar;
  • the wine shop;
  • the hall on the first floor for dinners, events and press conferences

A visit to the winery is highly recommended for anybody’s eager to relax in this fascinating world: Paladin family welcomes with great pleasure the wine lovers, and take them for a walk through the vineyards and a visit to the barrique cellar, charming premises where the wine matures and refines in precious oak barrels.
The meeting ends in the main hall, where the sommelier will let you taste the winery’s crus with a short tasting course, discovering techniques, perfumes and flavours formerly unknown.

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