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Drago Rosso Paladin



We select the vineyards with the best exposure to sun to ensure a perfect ripening of the fruit. The grapes of Merlot are left in the plant for slight over-ripening that confers to the wine a decisive aromatic charge and an enveloping structure.


The grapes are vinified at a temperature of 25°C to enhance the intensity of the colour, while maceration continues for over 18 days. It follows alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks and a passage in large barrels, where the malolactic fermentation takes place and gives pleasant aromas and noble tannins of wood.


Merlot Drago Rosso has a deep ruby red colour. The bouquet has a strong aromatic charge balanced by enveloping scents reminiscent of red fruit, such as cherry and blueberry, accompanied by light spicy notes. The palate is full and balanced by a good structure. The light tannins give a persistent and harmonious ending.


Merlot Drago Rosso Paladin is a dynamic wine, suitable for all situations. It presents a decisive and important structure that surprises the palate with pleasant emotions.


Perfect to taste during a barbecue with red meat or game with friends. Try it also in pair with salami and or spicy cheeses.

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