Prosecco DOC Dry

Amazingly soft and silky, Prosecco Dry Paladin comes from a grape known for the quality of roundness of the grain and the presence of abundant millerandage, or berries which are small and sweet.
Prosecco Dry Paladin is a sparkling Prosecco so gentle and round, that those who seek harmony and pleasure fatally fall madly in love with it.

Pale straw yellow with a fine and persistent perlage.
Aromatic with notes of wild apple and spring flowers like wisteria and acacia flowers.
Taste: The silky softness is balanced by a pleasant, exciting sour note. At the sip is harmonious, pleasantly citrusy.
Excellent, versatile sparkling wine. Ideal as an aperitif or after dinner and to match delicate fish courses like lobsters and scallops. For its elegant slightly sweet character and its aromatic note it is great with cakes.


temperatura: 6-8°