Merlot Paladin

Merlot is certainly one of the finest vines varieties and its cultivation is widespread in many wine-growing areas.
In Eastern Veneto, where, for the nature of the land and climatic conditions, the vine expresses peaks of true excellence, it is historically cultivated since the end of 1800. Paladin has carefully selected the clones most suited to its terroir and created a merlot very pleasant and inviting, a great classic of its territory. Fermentation takes place with maceration on the skins at a temperature of 24°C to extract from the skins the colour and the freshest and most fragrant scents.

Bright red wine.
It has an intense, vinous scent, with pleasant hints of violet and ripe red fruit.
The taste is dry, very harmonious, of great equilibrium.
The Merlot Paladin is the classic wine for all meal, it finds easy combinations with first dishes, pasta with tomato sauces or meat, with seconds like roasted meats, boiled meats, and salami and cheeses of medium maturing.


Serving temperature: 18°