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28 February 2019

Drago Rosso Paladin

  IN VINEYARD We select the vineyards with the best exposure to sun to ensure a perfect ripening of the fruit. The grapes of Merlot are left in the plant for slight over-ripening that confers to the wine a decisive aromatic charge and an enveloping structure. IN CELLAR The grapes are vinified at a temperature […]

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Etichetta d'argento al 19o concorso internazionale del packaging di Vinitaly - Veronafiere
12 December 2014

Refosco Paladin

In vineyard In Eastern Veneto the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso has grown from ancient times and is among the indigenous varieties of this territory....
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12 December 2014

Cabernet Paladin

In vineyard The most famous vine in eastern Veneto. It is appreciated for its, vegetable notes, one of the most late grapes to ripen....
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11 December 2014

Merlot Paladin

In vineyard Merlot is certainly one of the finest vines varieties and its cultivation is widespread in many wine-growing areas. In Eastern Veneto, where,...
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12 November 2014


In vineyard The Syrah is an international grape variety famous for its spicy notes that Paladin interprets with great elegance. The grapes are harvest...
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27 June 2013

Malbech Gli Aceri

In vineyard The Malbech is a vine that finds in our territory the ideal conditions to express its potential of great persistence and pleasant...
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